September 23, 2020

How and When to Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Running your real estate business could go a lot smoother if you have a competent virtual assistant to help. Just like any business, you are faced with a mountain of tasks on a daily basis, some of which could be delegated to someone else. Why not choose to have more time in your hands and focus on your bottom line?

By definition, a real estate virtual assistant would be someone who works for you remotely. He or she will be working in the capacity of a full-time employee, who is responsible for non-revenue-generating tasks like appointment setting, data entry, and administrative tasks.

HOW to Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

If you’re interested in the option to hire a VA for your real estate business, it’s fairly easy to find one. You can either approach VA service agencies or look for a freelance virtual assistant for real estate. But before you hire a real estate virtual assistant, you have to determine your current business needs.

Do you want to hire a VA for the short term or the long term? Do you require help with routine tasks throughout the year, or do you only need someone to perform one-time tasks?

Once it’s clear what you need a VA for, you can contact real estates virtual assistant services such as TimeEtc, MyOutDesk, and Woodbows. These agencies maintain a pool of virtual assistant workers whom you can hire for flexible hours and rates. Online job platforms like Upwork and Fiverr are a couple of places online where you can source independent contractors to do the job.

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WHEN to Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Although hiring a VA saves you more money and time as compared to hiring a full-time administrative assistant, you also need to determine whether it’s the right time for you to hire one. So how can you tell whether or not it’s a good time to hire a real estate VA?

You’re already spending too much time on administrative tasks.

If your average day starts to feel like you’re not accomplishing much other than making calls, answering emails, tracking spreadsheets, and posting on social media, it’s time to get a little help. Sooner or later, you’ll have more unanswered emails, missing documents, and irate clients to deal with. You need to have someone you can rely on and allow you to focus on building your business.

You’re serving customers from another time zone.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a virtual assistant is that you can have someone online to respond to your clients during your days off or downtime. If you’re business is starting to grow and you’re signing in clients from the other side of the world, a VA can handle your international calls and emails for you.

You have clear policies and systems in place.

Hiring a virtual assistant can only be a sound decision if you can lay down a clear set of standards on what responsibilities you’re expecting your VA to perform. With your business procedures and systems in place, delegating tasks to your VA would be smoother.


You understand how a VA can benefit your business.

A real estate investor virtual assistant is a great investment if you’re looking to expand your business. By delegating tasks like marketing, meeting scheduling, and data entry to people who are experts in the said fields, you allow yourself more time to focus on the core aspects of your business.

Bear in mind, however, that for the setup to work, guidance and direction should directly come from you. A VA can do wonders for you, but you must also be able to lead.

What a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Do for You?

You don’t just want to hire any VA for your business. You want a virtual assistant for real estate investors, someone who is familiar with the workings behind running a real estate business. Your VA can take off some of the administrative workloads and be able to perform important duties such as:

Prospecting and sales

You can look for a VA who’s had an experience generating qualified leads, doing lead follow-ups, and managing leads. With someone else to make cold calls and screening leads for you, you’ll be able to focus all your energies on important appointments and closing deals.

Email marketing

Writing letters and emails are absolutely important when dealing with your real estate clients, but it also takes a lot of time. The right VA should be able to do write engaging, grammatically correct, and detailed emails and send these out with all the appropriate documents and make timely responses.


Appointment scheduling

Never forget or confuse client meetings ever again. Keeping track of your daily activities and meetings is better left to an admin VA. You’ll have more time to actually prepare for your meetings and show up on time if someone else handles the scheduling of your appointments.

Social media marketing  

Social media presence allows you to reach and engage your target audience faster. Social media channels allow you to get your brand name out there and send a clear message about who you are and what services you offer. Virtual assistant services for real estate can provide you with a professional social media virtual assistant who can set up, update, and monitor your social media pages for you.


Data Entry

You are probably deal with huge volumes of data if you’re in the business of real estate investing. Virtual assistant services help you cover the tedious and time-consuming task of having to input and update all names, addresses, status reports, and client information in one worksheet.

There are several ore ways a good real estate virtual assistant can make your life much easier. You can depend on a VA to handle administrative, marketing, research, and prospecting tasks.  Outsourcing to an offshore VA is definitely the right step towards your growth as a real estate investor and businessman. You don’t even have to worry about costs as you’re sure to find one who will work for you at your preferred rate. 

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