July 12, 2020

Benefits of Hiring a Shopify Virtual Assistant

Shopify has made it easy for anyone to set up and runs an e-commerce business.  The platform offers benefits that include being able to easily reach your customers and lower overhead costs. But of course, business management is complex and time-consuming, even if you’re doing your transactions exclusively online instead of an actual office. The good news is, you can find and hire a Shopify virtual assistant(VA)to manage crucial aspects of your business, while you focus on your job as an entrepreneur.


Setting Up Your Online Store

Without an actual physical store, you can still establish a strong brand personality with the expertise of a Shopify virtual assistant.

1. Web Design and Development

The Shopify theme store is pretty sufficient if you’re just getting started and want only the basic functions of an online shop. However, an experienced designer can convey your brand vision by incorporating your brand identity in your online store design. You can hire an assistant in case you need custom functions and integrated features for a smoother customer experience.

2. Content Writing

Descriptive, relevant, and engaging product descriptions can be the key to more traffic and larger sales. A freelance writer who understands your brand can certainly do wonders for your business.

3. Graphic Design and Photography

Whether you need a brand logo, product photos, edited images, infographics, or any other graphic design requirement, a graphic design expert can make your online store stand out from the rest and keep your customers interested.

Graphic Design

4. Database Management

Your online store can look pretty, but if the pages aren’t loading properly or there are broken links, you’ll drive customers away in an instant. A trained database manager works in the back end to ensure that your web pages are loading fast and smoothly.

Admin Tasks and Daily Operations

Once your store is up and running, your next focus would be on running your day-to-day operations. Administrative tasks could take up a lot of your time, which you can a lot to more important things. Some of these tasks can be easily handled by a trained virtual assistant for a Shopify store.

1. Product Listing and Management

A freelance specialist can manage your product listing in such a way that customers are able to find what they need on your site fast and easy.  How your products are displayed can influence buying decisions as well, so you should definitely try hiring an expert.

2. Order Management

Having someone to assist you in handling, purchase orders, shipment tracking, and inventory management will ensure things keep running smoothly round the clock. Even when you’re offline or during a public holiday, you can have peace of mind that every customer will be given proper attention.

3. Product Sourcing

You can hire a Shopify virtual assistant to help you research products and suppliers. A product sourcing expert has connections, a good eye for a good deal, and flair for negotiation.

Boost Your Online Presence

As you grow your business, you have the opportunity to reach a wider customer base with the help of a Shopify virtual assistant who can spread the word about your brand through social media platforms, content partnerships, search engine optimization, and advertising campaigns.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Link Building

A good SEO specialist will know how making your store rank higher on Google when someone types in certain keywords in search of products or services related to yours. A trained link builder works to ramp up your website’s credibility and search ranking. Investing in link-building and SEO specialists translate to more website traffic and better sales conversions.

2. Social Media & Social Media Ads

An effective social media manager can help your business leverage social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms, if used wisely, allow you to draw in an even wider audience and can bring in more business. A paid social media manager can also launch and monitor your social media campaigns and manage online communities.

3. Google Ads

A Google ad optimizer’s expertise lies in creating campaigns, targeting the right audiences, and monitoring advertising ROI. One huge advantage of Google advertising is that it allows you to reach a broader market at reasonable expenses.

4. Email Marketing

You may also consider hiring an email marketing VA, who can craft compelling subject lines and informative and engaging email copies. He or she will also be responsible for lead generation and managing your email lists.

Customer Care

Attending to your customer’s personal needs shouldn’t be overlooked when running a business. Buyers often have questions and issues sometimes arise. Responding to these queries in a timely manner makes your business more credible and trustworthy.

1. Customer Service

Hiring a customer service VA shows your customers that you are open to feedback and care enough to fix any problems. You can hire a customer service specialist to work the phones or chat box. They can also be in charge of responding to customer emails, providing pre- and post-sales support. Your customer service VA can also be tasked to handle refund requests.

2. General customer service

Customer service VA can do a wide variety of tasks including taking inbound calls, outbound marketing calls, and responding to customer feedback and reviews on social media channels.

The internet is an amazing place and in recent years, it has dramatically changed the job marketplace to make it easy for talents and employers to connect. Whatever kind of job you need to get done, you can easily find someone to do it for you at your preferred budget. Shopify virtual assistants can be paid per hour and you can choose your assistant according to the kind of services they offer. Whether you need a VA for emergency design needs or you want someone to work the phones on a public holiday, you can definitely find a reliable VA to run things whenever you need help.

Even more established business brands are taking advantage of the benefits of running a business through Shopify. The more successful you get, the more work needs to be done. With a virtual assistant to lend you a hand, you are opening up bigger opportunities for your business and allow yourself to grow successfully as an entrepreneur.

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