July 12, 2020

What Does a Social Media Virtual Assistant Do?

If you own a business, establishing a social media presence is a necessity if you don’t want to get left behind by the competition. But social media marketing isn’t as simple as posting things online and waiting for results. There are several social media platforms, each one offering unique advantages and features. You should be able to know which ones will work best for your type of business and how to use each platform to the fullest. Learning to do everything all by yourself could take more time than you expected, which is why hiring a social media virtual assistant is a good investment.  

Advantage of Hiring a Social Media Assistant

There are more social media users than ever before, but it’s also been discovered that people are spending less time online due to so-called social media fatigue. A dedicated virtual assistant for social media would know how to create engaging content, as well as the ins and outs of various social media platforms. He or she would know how to use all available tools to connect with customers and build a community in such a way that you’d be able to effectively reach your target audience, make more conversions, and boost brand awareness and engagement.

Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant Tasks

A professional virtual assistant who’s a social media expert can dedicate his or her time managing important tasks such as:

Creating an eye-catching banner:

Your social media profile needs to be attractive. A social media expert with graphic skills can create banners that would be a perfect representation of your brand. He or she should also be able to know sources for free stock images of the best quality for your social media profile. They can also easily translate any product offers or promotions into eye-catching banners. creating-eye-catching-banner

Size and optimizations

Your social media images can be pretty, but if they’re the wrong size, your posts would only look unprofessional. The best social media virtual assistants know how to create social media images in appropriate sizes and optimize them according to each platform so your posts are clear and more engaging.

Writing attractive and relevant content

Social media is a fast-paced world. Posting timely and relevant content can get you fast retweets and more website traffic. Brands that are making it big in social media produce content in various formats and styles. Your virtual assistant should be able to determine what kind of content your audience would find most interesting at any given time. He or she would also know how to research for content trends that your brand should be taking advantage of. writing-relevant-content

Hashtag research to reach targeted audiences

There are plenty of tools used for social media management. Skilled social media managers know how to research which hashtags to use in your social media posts, so your posts get more views, traction, and engagement.  

Posts to promote your products/services

You can rely on a social media management, virtual assistant to posts product and service promotions in such a way that they are visible to as many users as possible and not saturate your followers that they’d want to unsubscribe.

Analysis to grow your business

The analysis is an important aspect of social media marketing. With the right tools and knowledge, a social media virtual assistant would be able to assess which social media campaigns are most successful, what kind of content your brand followers need more of, which post formats result in the most conversions, and which platforms work best for your business. By measuring and analyzing audience engagement, the right person for the job would be able to successfully grow your business and build your online presence. grow-your-business

Creating highly engaging posts

Creating posts and campaigns that your followers would really engage with should be left to a professional virtual assistant. Social media posts must meet the exact needs of your audience at the exact time for you to catch their attention, with the amount of information social media audiences are exposed to.  

Scheduling the posts at peak times

You don’t want to miss any opportunity to engage with your followers during the times of the day when they are online. With the use of special tools, some posts can be automated by your VA. During weekends or holidays for example, a virtual assistant can keep your social media pages active by answering customer queries, participating in community discussions, and posting relevant content. He or she would also know how to create, maintain, and follow a social media calendar.

Managing your ads campaigns for improvement & optimization

Paid advertising can get you results faster if your campaigns are managed by someone who has experience customizing ad campaigns for social media platforms, monitoring results, and optimizing for growth.

Improving organic growth and audience engagement

One primary measurement of social media marketing success is by how much of your social media following translate into actual visits to your website or online store, and eventually, how much of those visits translate into actual sales. While paid advertising can reach customers who are already on the buying stage, a virtual assistant who knows how to improve traffic and audience engagement organically is beneficial to your brand in the long term.  

Build your brand visibility

Visibility means more than claiming a social media profile for your brand. Across all platforms, it’s essential that your brand presence and messaging is always professional and consistent. When people start to notice you, you need someone who will monitor, manage, and reply to user comments. You can also improve visibility through participation in relevant groups, forums, and communities.   It may be that during the planning stages of your business, social media virtual assistant services aren’t one of the first things that came to mind. But with about 45% of the world’s population on social media, it’s obvious that it’s not a marketing opportunity that you’d want to miss out on. However, social media requires a lot of research, creativity, monitoring, and analysis that deserve dedicated time and resources. A virtual assistant who’s an expert on social media management can be essential to growing your business bigger and faster while allowing you to focus on your duties as CEO.      
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