January 7, 2021

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Virtual Marketing Assistants

As a business owner or CEO, you’d reach a point when you’d feel the need to be more aggressive in marketing your products and services. Your online marketing strategy would vary according to your business goals—it could be to build your brand, increase traffic to your website or eCommerce store, engage with your customers, lead generation, and so on. Marketing needs a targeted approach and requires time and resources. The good news is: there are virtual marketing assistants you can hire to do that for you, while you focus on growing your business.

What Is A Virtual Marketing Assistant?

Virtual assistant services often employ a pool of remote workers with different sets of expertise. They provide support to business owners who choose to hire a VA to develop a website, do bookkeeping, for research and data entry, perform administrative tasks, or meet another business need.

A virtual marketing assistant is fully capable of handling all your marketing requirements. If you’re looking for support updating your social media posts and profiles, managing your online ads, and taking care of other important but time-consuming marketing tasks, a professional online marketing expert is exactly what you need. Marketing tasks you can outsource to virtual marketing assistants include:

  • Social media management. Customers spend a lot of time on social media and businesses today can tap endless opportunities if they invest in establishing a solid online presence. An experienced virtual marketing assistant would know how to make and execute a social media plan, develop social media content, post updates according to a social media calendar, scheduled publishing, and monitor audience engagement on various social media channels.
  • Email marketing. Managing an email list is an important part of a virtual assistant marketing plan. Email marketing, if done right, can help you drive sales and establish trust and confidence from your customers. A professional virtual marketing assistant can help you source leads, draft engaging email content, and use automation tools to make your email marketing more efficient.
  • PPC advertising. PPC (pay-per-click) advertising delivers good ROI. You may choose to hire a virtual assistant with experience in setting up, managing, an analyzing PPC campaigns so you don’t waste time and money trying to figure it all out for yourself.
  • SEO. Virtual marketing assistants with expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) are your best bet if you’re interested in ranking higher in Google search engine results. SEO requires a well-thought-out strategy that aligns with your other marketing efforts including PPC, website building, and social media management. SEO tasks a VA can do for you include keyword research, link-building, on-page and off-page optimization, web traffic analytics, and more.
  • Community management. Customers interact with each other through online communities where they seek feedback and start discussions on products and services of interest. Your business can boost engagement if you hire a VA who can monitor and participate in discussions in relevant communities on various channels.

A virtual assistant for marketing can also perform a wide variety of other tasks including writing blogs and product descriptions, web and
graphic design, customer fulfilment, and customer care, among others.


Should You Consider Hiring a Virtual Marketing Assistant?

Is it a good time for you to hire a virtual marketing assistant? Here are some important considerations that may help you decide.

1. You have marketing tasks that you can outsource.

Some marketing tasks can be repetitive but only requires a few hours a day or a week to perform. Writing and posting blog posts or updating social media with new content are examples of tasks which you can outsource to a professional virtual marketing assistant. Productivity is increased without the need for you to hire a full-time marketing specialist.

2. You run an e-commerce business.

Running an e-commerce store involves a lot of moving parts. Between sourcing products, setting up your online store, tracking inventory, product listing, selling, handling customer queries, and customer fulfilment, you stand to benefit from having an extra set of hands to take care of marketing tasks while you focus on selling.

3. You have a marketing team that needs support.

Hiring a virtual marketing assistant can be a sound idea once you begin scaling your business operations. If your business has been around for a while, you may require additional marketing support even if you already have a marketing team.

The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Marketing Assistant

Save on operational costs

The main advantage of hiring a virtual assistant is its cost-efficiency. Virtual assistants are mostly paid on an hourly or per-project basis. You pay only for actual work done. And since they work remotely, you won’t have to provide office facilities or deal with health insurance benefits.

Better productivity

While you’re able to save on overhead costs, hiring a skilled VA helps you run your business more efficiently. If you reserve your marketing ideas for virtual assistants who are experienced in online marketing, you would be tapping the expertise of people who actually know what they’re doing. They can execute your marketing plans and you can focus on management and growing your business.

Build your brand

The more customers you get, the more important it becomes to inspire brand loyalty and customer trust. A professional and consistent social media presence, as well as providing actual value through advertising and the content you put out keeps you in the mind of your target audience. Building and spreading awareness about your brand is easier if you have a marketing specialist virtual assistant.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur just starting out or a medium-sized company trying to stay ahead of bigger competitors, you should definitely take advantage of the benefits of hiring expert support. With a virtual marketing assistant to lend you a hand, you can have your marketing machinery confidently running while you don’t miss out on bigger opportunities as a business owner. When hiring the right VA for you, just make sure to consider your needs as a business and find a VA whose experience and qualifications meets your requirements.

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